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Skillshare Digital Art: A Fun Way to Learn and Create

Explore your creativity with Skillshare Digital Art courses. Learn techniques, tools, and tips to master digital painting, illustration, and design.

Skillshare is an awesome online learning platform where you can take classes on digital art. It’s perfect for beginners and more experienced artists who want to improve their skills. You can learn everything from basic drawing techniques to advanced digital painting on Skillshare.

This article is designed for aspiring and established digital artists who are looking to enhance their skills using Skillshare’s educational platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Skillshare offers a wide range of digital art classes for all skill levels
  • Classes are taught by experienced artists who share real-world tips and tricks
  • You can learn at your own pace, fitting lessons into your busy schedule
  • It’s affordable compared to traditional art schools or in-person workshops
  • You get to join a community of fellow artists for support and inspiration

What is Skillshare?

Imagine a huge online school where you can learn pretty much anything you want. That’s Skillshare in a nutshell. It’s not just for art – you can learn cooking, writing, photography, and even how to start your own business. But for this article, we’re focusing on the digital art classes because, let’s face it, digital art is super cool.

I remember when I first stumbled upon Skillshare. I was looking for a way to learn digital art without breaking the bank or committing to a full-time course. Skillshare popped up in my search results, and I thought, “Why not give it a try?” Little did I know it would become my go-to resource for all things digital art.

Why Choose Skillshare for Digital Art?

Variety of Classes:

Skillshare has so many digital art classes, it’s almost overwhelming (in a good way). You can learn:

I started with basic illustration classes, but before I knew it, I was designing my own characters and even dabbling in animation. It’s like a buffet of art skills – you can try a bit of everything!

Learn from Pros:

The teachers on Skillshare aren’t just random people with a computer. They’re real artists who have worked in the industry. It’s like having a cool art mentor, but online. I’ve taken classes from illustrators who’ve worked for major magazines, animators from big studios, and graphic designers who’ve created logos for famous brands. It’s pretty amazing to learn directly from people who are living the dream you’re working towards.

Flexible Learning:

This is a big one for me. I have a day job and a family, so finding time for art classes used to be tough. With Skillshare, I can watch the lessons whenever I want. Feeling creative at 2 AM? No problem! The classes are always there. I often watch lessons during my lunch break or while waiting for my kids at soccer practice. It’s learning that fits into your life, not the other way around.


Compared to going to art school or even taking in-person workshops, Skillshare is way cheaper. Plus, you get access to all the classes with one subscription. I used to spend a fortune on art books and individual online courses. Now, I pay one fee and have access to more art knowledge than I could ever use.

How Skillshare Works

  1. Sign up for an account: It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.
  2. Choose a class that looks interesting: You can browse by category or search for specific skills.
  3. Watch the video lessons: Most classes are broken down into short, manageable chunks.
  4. Do the class project: This is where the real learning happens. You put what you’ve learned into practice.
  5. Share your work and get feedback: This part scared me at first, but it’s actually really helpful and encouraging.

It’s that simple! And the best part? You can take as many classes as you want. I often have two or three classes going at once, depending on what I feel like working on.

Popular Digital Art Classes on Skillshare

Here’s a quick look at some popular classes I’ve taken and loved:

Class NameTeacherLevelWhat I Learned
Digital Illustration for AllLisk FengBeginnerBasic digital drawing techniques, color theory
Character Design: From First Idea to Finished WorkHayden AubeIntermediateHow to develop unique characters, refine sketches
Animation for Illustration: Adding Movement with Procreate & PhotoshopLibby VanderPloegAdvancedSimple animation techniques, bringing illustrations to life
Digital Painting: Create Textures and Brush SetsMelissa LeeIntermediateCreating custom brushes, adding texture to digital art
Logo Design with Draplin: Secrets of Shape, Type and ColorAaron DraplinAll LevelsPrinciples of logo design, working with vectors

Tips for Success on Skillshare

  1. Start with the basics: Even if you’ve been drawing for years, it’s good to refresh your skills. I thought I knew everything about color theory until I took a basic class and realized how much I’d forgotten!
  2. Do the class projects: Don’t just watch the videos. Actually do the work! This is where the real learning happens. I keep a sketchbook just for Skillshare projects.
  3. Share your art: Post your projects in the class. Other students and the teacher can give you tips. I was terrified to do this at first, but the feedback I’ve gotten has been invaluable.
  4. Take breaks: Don’t try to learn everything in one day. Your brain (and your drawing hand) need rest. I usually limit myself to one or two lessons a day.
  5. Have fun: Remember, art is supposed to be enjoyable. If you’re not having fun, try a different class. There are so many to choose from!
  6. Experiment with different tools: Skillshare classes cover various software and apps. Don’t be afraid to try new tools. I discovered my love for Procreate through a Skillshare class.
  7. Join the community: Skillshare has forums and groups where you can connect with other artists. It’s a great way to stay motivated and get inspired.

My Experience with Skillshare

I started using Skillshare last year when I wanted to learn digital art. At first, I was worried it would be too hard. I mean, I could barely use my smartphone, let alone create art on a computer! But the classes broke everything down into easy steps.

My first attempt at digital art looked like a blob with eyes. Seriously, it was bad. But after a few classes, I was drawing cute characters that actually looked like what they were supposed to be! I remember the first time I created a character that looked professional – I was so excited I showed it to everyone in my family (they were very patient).

The best part was when I posted my first project. I was nervous, but everyone was so nice. They gave me helpful tips and lots of encouragement. It felt great to be part of a community of artists. Now, I regularly share my work and even help newcomers who are just starting out.

One of the coolest things about Skillshare is how it’s helped me develop my own style. By learning from different artists, I’ve been able to pick and choose techniques that resonate with me. Now, when I create something, it feels uniquely mine.

Is Skillshare Right for You?

If you’re interested in digital art, I’d say give Skillshare a try. It’s a fun way to learn new skills, and you might surprise yourself with what you can create.

Remember, every artist started somewhere. Even the pros were beginners once. I like to think about famous artists struggling with their first digital drawing – it makes me feel better about my own learning process.

Don’t be afraid to jump in and start creating! The great thing about digital art is that you can always undo your mistakes. Trust me, I’ve hit the undo button more times than I can count.

Who knows? Maybe the next digital masterpiece will come from you. And if not, at least you’ll have fun trying. I’ve created some pretty terrible art on Skillshare, but I’ve loved every minute of it.

Final Thoughts

Learning digital art on Skillshare has been a game-changer for me. It’s opened up a whole new world of creativity that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve gone from doodling in the margins of my notebooks to creating digital illustrations that I’m actually proud to show off.

But more than that, it’s given me a creative outlet and a way to relax after a long day. There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching a blank digital canvas come to life with color and shape.

So, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced artist looking to expand your skills, I’d encourage you to check out Skillshare. Who knows? You might just discover a hidden talent or a new passion.

Happy drawing, and remember – even if your first attempt looks like a digital disaster, keep going. We all start somewhere, and with practice (and a lot of Skillshare classes), you’ll be creating amazing digital art in no time!


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