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Who is Space Invader Street Artist?

Discover the mystery of Space Invader, the elusive artist turning cities into arcades with nostalgic, pixelated street art.

Have you ever walked around your city and noticed little mosaic tiles that look like characters from the old “Space Invaders” video game? Well, guess what? Those aren’t just random decorations; they’re pieces of art by a mysterious artist known simply as “Space Invader.” That’s right, much like a superhero, this artist keeps their real identity a secret, choosing instead to leave their mark on cities around the world with these colorful, pixelated creations.

This article is for enthusiasts of street art and individuals intrigued by the merging of classic video game aesthetics with urban environments.

Key Takeaways

  • Space Invader is a secret street artist.
  • Uses mosaic tiles to create art.
  • Inspired by the “Space Invaders” video game.
  • Artwork found worldwide.

The Mystery Behind the Mosaics

Who Is Behind the Pixels?

So, who is Space Invader, really? Well, that’s a bit of a secret. What we do know is that they started invading Paris with their artwork in the late 1990s. They chose the name “Space Invader” because their art is inspired by the arcade game “Space Invaders,” which was a big hit in the ’80s. This artist uses small, square tiles to create images that look like they’ve come straight out of an 8-bit video game.

Why Mosaics?

You might wonder, why mosaics? Well, Space Invader chose tiles because they’re durable, weather-resistant, and they give that pixelated look that’s perfect for recreating video game characters. It’s like bringing a piece of the digital world into our real, everyday lives.

The Art of Invasion

A Global Game of Tag

Space Invader’s artwork can be found in over 60 cities around the world, from Paris to Tokyo, and even Los Angeles. It’s like a global game of tag, with the artist leaving their signature mosaics in some of the most unexpected places. You could be walking down the street, look up, and see a little alien staring back at you from the side of a building.

Not Just Aliens

While Space Invader is best known for those iconic aliens, their work also includes other characters and designs, all in that same pixelated style. Sometimes, they even collaborate with other street artists, blending their styles together in a colorful, urban mashup.

Why We Love Space Invader

Bringing Fun to the Streets

One of the coolest things about Space Invader’s art is how it turns the city into a sort of outdoor gallery. It adds a bit of fun and whimsy to places that might otherwise be a little bit boring. Plus, finding a new piece feels like discovering hidden treasure!

A Nod to Nostalgia

For those who grew up playing “Space Invaders” or any other classic arcade games, these mosaics are a delightful blast from the past. They remind us of the simple joys of pixelated aliens and the sounds of arcade machines.

Join the Invasion

So, next time you’re out and about, keep your eyes peeled for these little invaders. You never know where they might pop up! And who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to create some art of your own. Just remember, the world is your canvas, and sometimes, the best way to make a mark is with a little bit of color and a whole lot of imagination.


Keep an eye out for those little pixelated invaders; they’re not just decorations, they’re pieces of a global art project by the mysterious Space Invader. Who knew that walking around your city could turn into an art scavenger hunt?


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